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When a loved one dies, life can change radically.

It can be very hard to accept and learning how to move on isn’t any easier. A funeral is held to honor the deceased and say your last goodbyes. will happily help you with anything concerning a funeral, but keep in mind that having friends and family around at these times, can be really helpful.

What’s next?

The funeral and cremation is generally arranged within a month after death, which is also written in the law. If you are in need of a respite, you are of course able to ask for one.

A personal funeral

How do you say goodbye to a human being you will never see again? It is very hard. You could maybe say goodbye with a special and beautiful song? Maybe with a specific poem, object or some other detail that means something special to the deseaced.

A funeral is a very important moment – it is your last chance to say goodbye. There are many ways to make it personal. A goodbye that is more about the life that has been lived, instead of death. There are actually no rules or limitations. However, one thing is for sure. A funeral that is special and feels right in every single way, is a beautiful and precious memory when life must go on.

When someone close to you dies, it may seem heavy or overbearing to arrange a funeral and make so many decisions. We here at Fonus are here to help you with creating the perfect goodbye. It may take the time necessary. Making the funeral personal and special doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. We will happily help you when it comes to inspiration and also ideas of what is possible from your wishes.

We have an extensive experience making and organising all different kinds of funerals – Civil, Christian or any other belief. Together we can design a beautiful last goodbye that at the same time will be a tribute to the deceased.

Planning & Expenses

There are many questions to be asked and decisions to be made after a death. That’s why we always provide you with a written documentation. Thanks to this, you can relax at home and review the documentation to see what decisions have been made and which questions eventually remain to be answered. To make you feel more comfortable, we will also make sure to include a specific quote and fixed prices for each and every service in the documentation. This ensures that there are no hidden prices or surprises at the end.

Pricewise, there are a few things that you can’t control, including transportation and some services. However, you are in control of the size of the obituary, memorial, any musicians, floral arrangements, the printed program and much more.

What am I supposed to do now?

When a person dies, everything changes. You are put in a situation where you have to make a ton of choices. Questions you never even have thought about, suddenly have to be answered.

We are help to help you when it comes to saying farewell for the last time. You can take whatever time you need. Making the funeral beautiful and personal doesn’t always have to be expensive and a ton of work. We will happily help you by giving you inspiration and ideas, to make the funeral something special.

Loosing a loved one is a momentous experience, and it is not unusual to feel anxious or confues when it comes to the practical things surrounding death.

When death occurs, the body is taken to a physician who can confirm and write a death certificate that is sent to the tax office. Regardless whether the death occurred in the hospital, nursing home, health care is. or at any other location, you aren’t responsible for bringing the deceased to the mortuary, the health care is. The body is then put in a casket and transported from the mortuary to the dead house, where it is prepared for burial. This transport is taken care of by the estate and managed by the funeral home.

As soon as you are able to, you should contact loved ones and relatives to tell them about the death. These people can provide you with comfort and support in your time of need. They can also help you with planning the following weeks. If you have no relatives that are able to support and help you, the health care can help you by sending a hospital social worker, district physician or hospital chaplain.

Choosing a Funeral Home

Sadly, sometimes death can happen unexpectedly, but when it also comes to people that are expected to die because of a disease or something similar, you generally start planning for the funeral after the death. Very often, the person has no experience of arranging a funeral and several questions on their mind. Don’t worry, you have a lot of time to arrange the funeral and therefore do not need to make any quick decisions. Contact the funeral home when you are ready for it. Keep in mind that the price of a funeral vary greatly from funeral home to funeral home.

Contact us, so we can help you with parts of or the whole funeral. You can always feel safe with us. Together we will discuss how you want the funeral to designed, and we of course also respect any wish of the deceased. To make everything as clear as possible, we designed a clear price list and fixed prices of our services, to make sure there are no surprises at the end. We will also happily help you with suggestions when it comes to different kinds of funerals, coffins, urns, floral arrangements, obituaries and prices.